Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Step 18: Web based apps

Well, I've already said that is the most useful on-line tool I've found, but google docs is a close second. The idea that a bunch of people can collaborate on a project without lots of emails back and forth is too efficient. I can see the usefulness of this for work committees and also for personal projects. Several of my cousins and I have been working together on our family history. I'm going to suggest that we start using google docs so we're all working on the same document. We can even scan our family pictures to be included in the story. I also like that the documents are stored in a way that can be accessed from many locations. I keep thinking of people who have experienced disasters, like fire or flood. If you had copies of your photos, home inventory, important papers etc stored in google docs they would still be available to you from any site. It's not the same as having the real things, but it certainly would help. I treid Zoho too, but Google just seemed easier. I also think the 30 boxes calendar apps will prove useful.

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