Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#22 Audio books--any day, any time

Did I find a title that I'd like to listen to? Get real....I found many titles--mysteries, non-fiction, fantasy, children's and young adult just for a start. The instructions for the Overdrive Media Console were easy to follow and I liked that there are Hot Off the Press and New Titles sections for easy browsing. But you really do have to use the Overdrive lists to get a complete look at the collection. I tried searching for them in our regular catalog and there isn't an option to limit your search to these. I tried a keyword search for an author's last name and Overdrive and got good results for some, partial results for another (Baldacci) and "No entries found" for another author (Beaton) even though I'd already found several titles for both in the Overdrive list. One very helpful feature is the Wish List function--I won't have so many titles on post-it notes and scraps of paper to lose.

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