Monday, April 27, 2009

Online videos

I started out searching through the catagories on YouTube but found I had more luck with the search feature. One of my cousins (who lives in a rural, knitting deprived town) taught herself to knit using the videos on YouTube. I looked at some origami videos and tried one project. In many ways it was easier to follow the online demonstration than the diagrams in an origami book. I also looked at some auto repair videos that were helpful. Of course, these things vary by the quality of the video.

(Thanks to Sue and Tim for help getting this embeded in my post.)

I found this video by searching for fingerplays for children. BE AWARE: if you search just for the term fingerplays, you will get some results that are of a more personal nature. Years ago TCCL made VHS tapes of children's librarians doing preschool storytimes as a training tool for new hires. I'm wondering if we could do the same thing with YouTube videos and embed them in a file on the Youth Services page. Also, I searched for videos of Sherman Alexie and found several of speeches he has made at other events. Could we do something similar with the Zarrow award speech, etc?

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