Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Step 7: Technology and the library

I started with the library 26 years ago and am constatntly amazed at the changes and improvements to our services due to technology. At that time each branch had a basic collection of reference books for general questions and try as we might to answer each question, every day we had to refer several customers to Central or one of the Regionals. Then wonder of wonders we got fax machines and we were so excited. We could have articles and photocopied materials sent from larger libraries in no time at all. And then came Internet access and more on-line reference sources than we could hold in our building! With lots of practice and training we now manage to answer most questions while the customer is here and rarely have to ask them to drive to another location. I cna hardly wait to find out what's coming next.
I keep reading that learning new things is important for maintaining the health of our brains. If that's true, we librarians have little to worry about on that front.

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